5 Best Casino Resorts And A New Way Of Gmabling That Every Gambler Must Know Of

We, the gambling lovers always have a dream of spending a good time in a world class casino resort and that is what we work for. People who love gambling deserves to get a royal experience and this article will help you to know about the top 5 casino resorts you must plan to visit.

1. The Bellagio (Las Vegas)

It would be a sin not to start a “Top Casinos” article without Las Vegas. This place has always been full of iconic casino resorts, but as we have to choose one, we would go for the stunning and exciting Bellagio. This casino resort was featured in Ocean’s 11.
The way of treating people is something amazing here. You will find yourself next to heaven with the exquisite restaurants, high-end entertainment, amazing spas and obviously the brilliant gambling set up. If Las Vegas is the Mecca of gambling, then the Bellagio is the Mecca of Las Vegas.

2. Atlantis Casino Resort (Bahamas, Paradise Island)

This is the perfect casino for the people who are looking for some open space and a great beach view. Atlantis Resort is the pride of Paradise island as it has always attracted tourists from all over the world. It has all those gaming tables you have ever heard and never heard of and with more than 750 slot machines you will never be bored and out of choice.
The Atlantis casino is known for its amazing design that makes it a distinct one in the world of casino resorts.

3. Venetian (Macao)

Macao has lately become a place where you can find some of the biggest casino resorts in the world. The Venetian is surely one of the best among them. 750 tables for gaming, 3000+ slot machines and a resort with 30 restaurants is something to look forward.
This place is surely a world in itself, the stunning design and the immensity give it something special that very few casinos resorts have.

4. Marian Bay Sands (Singapore)

Singapore has come up as a place where enjoyment is like a second nature. Marian Bay Sands has aptly taken that theory of Singapore by giving the world a place where you can enjoy your gambling instincts with some high-class fun. The design, the décor and the five hundred foot pool at the rooftop will let you understand why it cost $5.5 billion to make this giant casino resort.

5. Sun City (South Africa)

Sun City in South Africa offers a unique experience as a casino resort. This place is not at all far behind from those lavish Las Vegas casinos and it also adds the thrill of wildlife which you can have experience only in Africa. The variety and high-end accommodation give tough competition to the gambling set up that has 850 working slots and 40+ gaming tables luring the gambling lovers.
This casino resort is the biggest in South Africa and attracting a considerable amount of people all over the world since 1979.

Online Casino, A Special Mention

Fewer holidays and increasing working hours are always there to restrain us from exercising our gambling skills. This is why in the past few years, many online casinos have come up to serve the “gambler guys” by providing them an online platform. Most of these platforms have an easy and very safe passage to let you gamble on different games instantly.

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